6 Stress Busters You Need To Try

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If everyday life is making you feel stressed, the HAILA HEALTH CBD Oil Team have some great stress busters for helping you to relax and relieve anxiety.  Depression and anxiety are common ailments, prevalent in our modern-day society. As avid supporters of the mental health Charity MIND, we are passionate about mental wellbeing. In this journal, we share our tips for a positive state of body and mind.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Whether you incorporate meditation in your yoga sessions or meditate alone, mindfulness and personal growth are so important in managing day to day stress and developing skills to cope with significant life changes. Meditation is a skill you will need to learn to develop, and at first, you may find it hard to ’empty’ your noisy mind. However, with time and practice, you will be able to focus on clarity of mind and become more aware of ‘being’. Your thought process plays a big part in how you feel or cope with stressful situations. Recognising negative thought patterns is part of enlightened awareness, and once you acknowledge these, you can work on rewiring these into a more positive outlook in life.


Whether it’s a brisk walk around the city, cycling in the park or a class at the gym, there is no doubt that exercise is excellent for your body. However, did you know that exercise is also effective in dealing with depression, anxiety and stress? A study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduced the risk of major depression by 26%.  Even if time is short, make time to incorporate some form of exercise into your lifestyle.  Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, the gym, tennis, golf or horse riding, taking time to exercise is time well spent for your body and your mind. It will also help you sleep better!

Social Media Detox

Spending too much time on social media can have a negative impact on your state of mind. Feelings of inadequacy and loneliness are common as you scroll through the social media landscape filled with personal declarations of happiness and the ‘perfect’ family/lifestyle/job etc. Recognising that life is never perfect and switching off to acknowledge the positives in your own life are essential to personal happiness.

All Work & No Play

To be productive in work, you need to ensure you are kind to yourself and take time out. Working long hours and neglecting ‘you time’ is a sure fired route to burnout and exhaustion. Take time during your busy day to step away from your devices and get some fresh air (even if it’s walking to your local deli for lunch). Eating lunch at your desk might be a habit and office culture but try to take at least one full lunch break a week and eat lunch away from your desk. You’ll be surprised at how a short break can make you even more productive!

Learn Something New

Whether it’s learning a new language or refining your interest in fine wine with a short course, learning a new skill or expanding your knowledge will empower you with confidence.  You’ll also experience social interaction with other like-minded people outside of your regular network of friends, potentially increasing your social circle and engagements. Expanding both your mind and your friendships.

Try An Evening Class Or New Hobby

Evening classes and hobbies are not exclusively for the over 60’s! People of all ages go to evening classes to develop their skillset and learn something new. Enrolling for a short evening course will not only expand your knowledge and offer social interaction with others but also give you something different to focus on (even if it’s just for an hour a week). A new hobby can also offer stress relief. Perhaps there is something out there that has always interested you, but you never acted on it – now’s the time!

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