A Beginners Guide To Taking CBD Oil

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If you’re new to CBD Oil or are on the fence as to whether CBD Oil is for you, then this journal is written for you! Our team have put together a few pointers to get you started from beginner to CBD Confident:


Not All CBD Oil Is The Same

It’s really important to mention in the first instance that not all CBD Oil is the same. Just as your beauty creams and lotions on your bathroom shelf will vary, so will CBD Oils.

Differences in taste, the performance of the oil and the consistency within the supply chain are all variables you need to consider. Before we launched our premium oil, we did a tremendous amount of research into this marketplace. As the industry is not currently regulated, we’ve heard of products marketed as containing CBD Oil, which have little or no CBD traces. The claims relating to the purity of some is also questionable. During our 18 months of research, our team tried many of the leading brands available here in the UK and looked at the marketplace and chose to be different.

We wanted to develop something which was in alignment with our belief that HALIA HEALTH CBD OIL should be 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free and that it should be tested regularly for quality and batch consistency and we have achieved that.

Once we had found a trusted supplier, we asked them to create an exclusive blend for us here in the UK. We also ran blind taste testing on our oil before we committed to the relationship to ensure that both the taste and, ultimately, its performance were outstanding. The result is that our elite CBD Oil blend is both palatable and trustworthy. Every single batch is tested for quality here in a UK lab, before being approved by our team and bottled. We check and pack every customer order ourselves to ensure that our guarantee is never compromised.

Grown With Confidence

The search for our oil took us across Europe. We needed to find a supplier that had the experience, the reputation and the credentials. We wanted to do something different and bring transparency to our brand so, whether we are welcoming CBD newbies or seasoned CBD consumers to HAILA HEALTH CBD Oil, they can all find instant confidence in our brand name, knowing that what we say on our bottle is the truth. We also wanted to find a supplier who could give us the reassurance that the soil used to grow our product is not contaminated land (something, not all suppliers could confirm).

We succeeded in our quest.

The Feel Good Factor

Our oil has been designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. We know from customer feedback that our oil is a ‘must-have’ daily supplement that they trust and enjoy. The various reported health benefits of CBD Oil are widely noted but, as with any natural supplement, results vary. Our advice is always to start with our recommended basic dose and build up as necessary. Because our oil is of outstanding quality, even seasoned CBD Oil consumers often tell us they find they need fewer drops. If you are new to CBD, we recommend you start with our 1000mg Natural CBD Oil. The same rich, distinctive oil blend as our 2000mg bottle at a lower dosage and a great starting place for those new to CBD Oil.

The strapline that sits proudly under our name is ‘Honest Health’.
At Haila Health, we believe in the truth.

Need More Advice?

Our FAQ’s should cover many answers to your questions, or feel free to drop us an email or give us a call with any further questions you might have. We are always happy to help and guide you in your CBD journey.

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