Foolproof Tips For Gorgeous Summer Skin

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As temperatures rise, looking after your skin this summer is worth the effort. In this feature, we share our top tips for glowing skin at home and away.



Keep your skin happy this summer by keeping it hydrated. If you are not consuming a sufficient amount of water, your skin will be dry, tight and flaky, however this is not the full story. Not everyone agrees that drinking more water will help improve your skin, but people often comment that drinking more water (eight glasses a day) has made a big difference to their skin. The logic behind the theory makes sense when you consider that your skin is an organ and made up of cells, and just like any other cell in your body, is made up of water. Without water, organs do not function properly. Keeping your skin hydrated externally is also essential. Applying a hydrating moisturiser to your skin within a couple of minutes of stepping out of the shower or bath will allow for better absorption.

Stock Up On Sleep

Ensure you get enough sleep! A healthy sleepcycle is vital for your mood, body and skin. Lack of sleep depletes moisture levels in your skin which results in your skin looking less youthful. Burning the candle at both ends will also drain that gorgeous natural glow from your skin.

Protect Your Skin

You should protect your skin with sun protection all year round, not just in the summer months. While the UVB rays that burn your skin are weaker in the winter months, UVA rays that age your skin don’t really change throughout the seasons. Wearing a natural, paraben-free SPF of factor 30 upwards all year will keep your skin youthful and protected. For a summer glow look for a moisturiser with a good SPF and one which will build a bronzed glow with each application.

Pucker Up

Don’t forget to use a sunscreen on your lips too. Use a lip salve with an SPF 15 or higher and reapply regularly for luscious lips all summer.

Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower after you have been out in the sun will not only be refreshing, but a lower temperature won’t aggravate your sun kissed skin. It will also keep your skin clear and prevent your pores clogging up.


Using a natural body scrub and a facial cleanser with exfoliating properties is an excellent way to remove dull, dead skin cells. Create your own scrub from used coffee granules and say hello to environmentally friendly, beautiful clean skin. Fresh skin ready for your beauty and body creams!

Go Natural

Did you know that lemon and tomato are great for keeping your skin fresh? Lemon peel can be rubbed directly on the skin and can help cure pigmentation and blemishes. Tomato juice (without adding water) makes for a gentle natural facial mask which you can use every other day. Simply apply to the skin and let the juice dry on your skin before washing off. The lycopene in the tomato helps eliminate free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays that damage your skin. Our top tip? Freeze your tomato juice in an ice-cube tray and remove a cube at a time to defrost and use for an instant beauty hack your skin will love.

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