How CBD Products Are Helping The Environment

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CBD is rapidly becoming a lifestyle choice for many thanks to its range of health and wellness benefits. With the growing range of CBD products available on the market, CBD is also having a positive impact on the planet as we explain in this feature.


Fast Growing & Smaller Eco Footprint

It’s not only the surge in popularity of CBD products which is exciting news, the versatile hemp plant is having a positive impact on our planet too!


Hemp provides a greater yield per acre and is faster growing when compared to other fibre crops such as trees. It also offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to leather, cotton and wood products such as shoes, clothing and paper.


Fibres from the Hemp stalk help create stronger and safer building materials for the construction industry. Hemp paper dates back thousands of years and requires fewer chemicals, water and energy compared to wood pulp paper production. Not to mention how it’s saving our forests! It takes 10,000 litres of water to produce a kilogram of cotton whereas Hemp requires 80% less water! Another reason to love the Hemp plant!


Cotton On To A Good Thing

Cotton growing is a major cause for deforestation. Unlike cotton, Hemp requires no pesticides, grows in most conditions and is naturally bug resistant. Earlier in 2019, Levis Strauss & Co introduced garments made from soft hemp-cotton blend. At the same time, their Head Of Innovation said that their long term goal was to incorporate cotton blends by using fibres such as Hemp in all of its products. Their Wellthread Collection is their first sustainable collection incorporating ‘cottonized’ Hemp. Other Hemp fashion brands are growing and one of our favourite emerging labels featuring Hemp and sustainable fashion is Thought. From Hemp yoga and clothing, through to body beauty care products, paper and medicine, the hemp plant has so many valuable uses beyond producing our amazing CBD Oil!


Let’s Get To The Root Of The Issue

Hemp plants are tall and straight and their sparse leaf foliage is located mainly at the top of the plant. Hemp plants grow large roots that run deep into the soil. This extensive root system helps control soil erosion. Because their roots are deep, this means Hemp plants are more drought-resistant and help preserve the land in dry and rough conditions. The roots also draw up water and nutrients that are often deep under the soil. This supports land management as the Hemp improves the soil and can be planted easily in rotation with other crops to help keep the soil healthy and fertile. Hemp fibres also make a fantastic high nutrient boost natural fertilizer!


Carbon Contained

Carbon is indeed a ‘hot’ topic, and the good news is that Hemp keeps its carbon content trapped within the plant (Hemp biomass has a whopping 40% carbon and rather than releasing it into the environment, Hemp crops segregate carbon). Hemp plants produce more oxygen and absorb up to 4 times as much carbon dioxide than trees and other rival fibres! Hemp is also one of the few plants which can survive without the need for fertilizers and pesticides.



How HAILA HEALTH Oil Is Helping The Planet

As an ethical CBD Oil Brand, HAILA HEALTH is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, committed to making the world a better place to live for everyone.


Any plant material wastage is then used as raw materials in the construction and car industry. Our Oil is guaranteed to be free from heavy metals and GMO’s, which from a personal health perspective is a serious consideration, but also for those concerned about the broader implications of some GMO farming practices and its impact on the biodiversity of the land. Our relationship with our supplier is a trusted long-term partnership, supporting our extended HAILA family members such as the farmers and their employers. Additionally, we are also proud to support MIND, a charity dedicated to offering advice, support and empowerment to anyone experiencing mental health problems.


Making the world a healthier and happier planet is our quest and an ethos we hope you share.



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