What Is Self-Care & Why Is It Important?

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We often hear the term ‘Self-Care’ spoken about, but what exactly does it mean and why should it play a crucial part in your everyday living?


Self-Care = Self-Preservation

HAILA HEALTH’s definition of practising self-care is to take any action which will benefit your emotional, physical and/or mental health. We believe that self-care is essential to your long term well-being. Sacrificing your needs in pursuit of other’s happiness can harm your mind and body over time.


Best Self-Care Routine

With our busy lives, routines and work, it’s easy to forget about the importance of looking after ‘Me’. Our Premium CBD Oil forms part of the ideal self-care routine. Combined with healthy eating, moderate exercise and meditation, ensure you pay attention to your needs both mentally and physically. Our cruelty-free, vegan, GMO-Free Oil is an essential part of the daily routine and healthy lifestyle for our customers.


Self-Care For Your Mind

As proud supporters of the fabulous mental health charity, MIND, we understand the importance of mental health. Being aware of your mental state of mind is crucial and being able to reach out for support and help if you start to feel unwell is a strength, not a weakness. MIND is a fantastic charity with whom we are proud to have an association. They have some excellent tips and advice on their website on self-care and a dedicated helpline.


Good Self-Care Habits To Develop

Here are a few of our self-care habits which are an excellent routine to step into, which can be integrated into your daily or weekly routine with ease.

  1. At night switch off all your devices and have a social media detox. Reading a good book and getting an undisturbed night’s sleep will do wonders for your mental and physical health.
  2. Practice some meditation. Whether it’s classes or self-taught, basic meditation can really help focus your awareness of your body, feelings and thoughts.
  3. Take time out. This could be a walk in the fresh air, 15 minutes curled up on the sofa with a good book or laying on the bed listening to your favourite music.
  4. Take time to reconnect. Picking up the phone to chat to or hanging out with someone that makes you feel good is incredible therapy in itself.
  5. Create a journal of your thoughts. Simply writing things down can allow you to assess and release any negative thoughts mentally.
  6. Allow yourself to be still. In the chaos called life, it’s easy to become busy in both body and mind, so stop and be still somewhere peaceful. Enjoy the silence.
  7. Do something new. Take up a new hobby, learn a new language or simply pick up a new sport to try. Focusing on something new can bring welcome challenges with vast feelings of satisfaction as well as boosting your confidence.
  8. Ensure you get enough sleep. It’s not just the hours, but the quality of sleep that matters so take practical steps for a restful night’s sleep.
  9. Laugh. Release those feel-good endorphins by laughing; an evening out with good friends, a table booked at the Comedy Club or merely watching a ‘rom-com’ on Netflix. Laughter is vital to happiness.
  10. Integrate exercise into your lifestyle. If you hate the gym, go for a run. Can’t run? Go for a brisk walk with your next-door neighbours’ dog. Hate Body Pump classes, try Yoga. Whatever you do, choose a hobby or sport that gets your heart pumping and your energy levels up and your inner joy levels buoyant.
  11. Declutter. As well as decluttering your mind, take time to ensure your home, bedroom, even your desk at work are clear of excess junk and clutter. You’ll feel zen.
  12. Take a whole day off now and again. A day free from household chores, checking emails or running errands. A full day of doing something for you.

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