What You Need To Know When Choosing High-Quality CBD Oil

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Not all CBD Oil’s are created equally in a currently unregulated industry. HAILA HEALTH is setting the standard in producing a premium CBD Oil in which you can have total confidence. So, what are our recommendations on what to watch out for when buying CBD oil;


Look At The Brand Behind The Bottle

Each batch of our Premium CBD Oil is independently tested to ensure quality is maintained. We ensure that every delivery of HAILA HEALTH CBD OIL carries precisely the same amount of cannabinoids as the next. We work with a trusted supplier who has over two decades of proven reliability to their name.  Unfortunately, the CBD sector has had a lot of negative press recently: Some unscrupulous companies are selling products that contain little to no cannabinoids, and other brands when tested are well above the legal UK threshold for containing THC.


Our customers are reassured that our oil is not only independently tested, but we also guarantee that our oil does not consist of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). THC levels in our HAILA HEALTH CBD OIL are under 0.2% (the legal threshold for the UK). Our Oil is also a 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free CBD Oil.  Additionally, we are proud members of the Cannabis Trades Association as part of our commitment to making this sector a transparent and better area of health and well-being.


” Consistency and consumer trust are integral to our brand and producing the most exceptional Luxury CBD Oil on the market is our passion.”


The Extraction Process

How the CBD Oil is extracted is also a key consideration. Our Oil is C02 extracted. This process involves taking the raw plant material and exposing it to low-temperature CO2 gas at high pressure. This separates the cannabinoids and preserves them in the Oil. It’s far from a speedy process, but we believe this to be the ‘gold standard’ in extraction. The final product is free from toxins and solvents, and our customers are guaranteed a clean, pure CBD Oil.


What’s The Difference Between Full-Spectrum V’s Isolate?

When choosing CBD Oil, always opt for full-spectrum CBD Oil over CBD Isolate products. Full-spectrum CBD Oil as a rule of thumb has typically more CBD inclusion as well as a range of terpene compounds. Full-Spectrum is also believed to be the superior Oil given the natural balance of the cannabinoids and terpenes which work in harmony with the human body, just as nature intended.

Isolate CBD Oils, on the other hand, have had the CBD separated from the other cannabinoids and terpenes. Isolate CBD Oils tend to lack a desirable taste or smell, with CBD Oil connoisseurs not only preferring the fuller flavour of Full Spectrum oil but also reporting a more comprehensive general all-round experience. HAILA HEALTH CBD Oil https://www.hailahealth.com/shop/  is a full spectrum oil with an enhanced terpene profile which delivers a smooth, nutty flavour and taste experience.


What If I Buy A Poor Quality CBD Oil?

Buying a poor quality CBD Oil might not have any benefit! CBD Oil forms part of a healthy lifestyle for a variety of reasons from beauty through to sleep, and by purchasing cheap CBD Oil, you not only risk wasting your money but you’re also consuming an inferior product you may not be able to trust.


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